DIY: How to Check and Replace Car Fuses

How to check and replace car fuses! Today's video is going to simply teaches you how to locate, check and replace your car fuses. In this vid I'm working 2005 Mercedes e500, but this really e’re going to do a few steps:applies to every type of vehicle that there is. So w

How to Check and Replace Car Fuses

Step 1. Open the hood. Even though there is a lot of different fuse panels on these particular vehicles we just want to start with just a basic one and it’s going to be right here in this right hand driver side corner.

Step 2. What you’ll notice, you see this little black box here, this is what we’ll take off, so we already loosened it up. We’ll go ahead and do some checking and sometimes it’s a little hard to get them off these Mercedes, so we’ll just get it out the best way we can.

Step 3. If you notice there’s lots of different, various fuses in there. So how to check and replace the fuses today well have to use a  particular tool. This is a test light. You can pick up a test light from any automotive store and they’re less than $5.00, most of the time they’ll be pretty cheap. And what you want to do is find a spot to ground this at.

If you don’t ground this particular end here that you see with the teeth, you’re not going to get any results. So when checking for fuses we’re going to go ahead and plug that up and this is the ground location here.

Step 4. Another thing that I’m going to do, I’m going to go ahead and turn the key in the car so I can show you what a hot fuse looks like. Fuses blow from anything of taking care of maybe your tail lights have gone out and there’s not a bulb blown and you can always check and see which fuse it is.

Step 5.  First you have to turn the ignition to the hot to make sure that you’re getting power. Light+ fuse is good, no light= fuse bad. This is how to check and replace car fuses by making sure you check both sides of the fuse. If you’ll notice there is a side here and a side there and that’s what I’m checking for, that’s what I really want to know and see if my fuses are good or not.

So after checking this car's fuses it doesn’t have any blown fuses. For instance, I’m going to show you what a blown fuse looks like. The fuse shown , if you’ve noticed the inside of that fuse is broken and it shouldn’t look like that at all. A good fuse is going to look just like that; it’s going to have a complete circuit.

I don’t know if you can see that little yellow mark in there, that little U-shape? But that’s a good fuse. If you don’t have a test light like I have what you want to look for is to visually inspect it just the way that I did; and bad fuse, good fuse.

And on a Mercedes here is a nice tip and trick. Most Mercedes have multiple fuse boxes, but right here inside of the driver’s door there is a fuse panel. Now I’ll pull this out a little bit so you can see it and what I do is just get up under there with my fingernail or a key or something like that and pry away. And if you see right here, there are mostly your fuses for your small accessories.

Mercedes did something good; here is an actual map of all of the fuses to your vehicle and a location of all of those fuses where they’re located in the car, you see it there with the four doors open? All those black boxes are where there is a fuse panel located inside of the vehicle and the ones that you can change. So that’s a little tip for you Mercedes owners. Here are all the good fuses and here is the piece of paper that shows you.

Once again, this is Mobile Mechanic, by Sam Smith Performance. We are a Mercedes Benz specialist, we just used one to show you the video on how to replace a fuse and how to check a fuse, and this goes for pretty much any type of vehicle. And once again to recap, we’re going to show you; bad fuse, good fuse, different type of fuses.

As you see these are good fuses but they come in all different shapes and sizes. So no matter what type of vehicle you drive if you have a test light use the test light, if not, with these type of fuses the only way to check them are to visually inspect them and you’ll see that little metal inside of there broken and that will tell if you have a bad fuse or not.

And once again, this is Mobile Mechanic, 404-919-1331, we service the metro Atlanta area; anything that you need for your vehicle please be sure to check us out. And this is a simple vehicle on how to check your fuses, change your fuses, and tell if they’re bad or not. Thanks.

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