DIY: How to Change Car Air Filter

How to change car air filter on your car! Welcome to Mobile Mechanic, today I’ll be showing you a video on the 2014 Kia Optima and basically we’re just going to be changing the air filter in quick, easy 5 steps, maybe even less than that.

How to Change Car Air Filter Tutorial

Step 1. Open the hood of your car

Step 2. And the easiest way to locate your air filter is going to be this tube here, there’s going to be a black box attached to it. If you come a little bit closer you’ll notice there’s some clips. Pull these clips away here, there is a clip here, there’s actually another two clips down at the bottom, so we’ll take those off and voila!

Step 3. How to change car air filter? You're basically want to just pull this air filter out. Take it out, look at it, as we can see it’s a little bit dirty but since we have a nice Wix air filter supply here from the Wix Company, as you can see the difference between a nice factory air filter and here’s a good high quality air filter.

Step 4. So we’re going to throw that in there and basically we just want to just slide it in the way it came out. Sometimes there is a little fitment adjustment, move the box around, as you see it fits right into place. You want to put the box directly back where it came from.

Step 5. We’re going to use our clips, snap them shut, you’ll hear them; the one down at the bottom and voila, you’re air filter has been changed.

Once again, this is Mobile Mechanic, 404-919-1331 and here’s quick, easy steps on how to change car air filter. Thank you!

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