DIY: How to Check Tire Pressure in Cars

How to check tire pressure in cars (by Mobile Mechanic Atlanta 'ATL'). Today we’ll be showing you a video on how to simply check your tire pressure. It’s very important to keep your tire pressure correct; it helps saves gas, it gives you a better ride,  and it saves your tires from wearing and what we want to do is go ahead and check it.

So how to check tire pressure in cars? It's so simple a "cave wo/man can do it" LOL. There you go: First, we’re going to take the valves stem cap… off the tire. I have this digital one here which helps me to be a little bit more accurate. It’s actually a multi-function tool; it cuts seat belts, it will break the glass and it has a little LED flash light on it, something good to have in your car and it actually tells you the tire pressure.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and turn that on and I’m going to check the Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) on it. How to check tire pressure on this particular vehicle wheel and the PSI it calls for, which is approximately 32PSI. There's an easy way to find your car's exact PSI, it's located on the side of your driver car door.

On most cars it’s located on the side of the driver’s door or it’s inside of the gas cap cover and it tells me for this particular one it’s a little over, it says it’s 34 psi. Well we’re right at 33.5 psi which could use a little air. But once again, this is an easier way on how to check tire pressure for all cars with a digital gauge and you want to make sure so you can get the best fuel economy you can.

Once again, this is Mobile Mechanic, we just showed you how to check your tire pressure. We can be reached at 404-919-1331 for your service needs. We'll come to your location in the Atlanta, Georgia Metro area wherever you are. Thanks again.

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