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DIY: How to Check Tire Pressure in Cars
How to check tire pressure in cars (by Mobile Mechanic Atlanta 'ATL'). Today we’ll be showing you a video on how to simply check your tire pressure. It’s very important to keep your tire pressure correct; it helps saves gas, it gives you a better ride,  and it saves your tires from wearing and what we want to do is go ahead and check it. So how to check tire pressure...
DIY: How to Check and Replace Car Fuses
How to check and replace car fuses! Today's video is going to simply teaches you how to locate, check and replace your car fuses. In this vid I'm working 2005 Mercedes e500, but this really e’re going to do a few steps:applies to every type of vehicle that there is. So w

How to Check and Replace Car Fuses

Step 1. Open the hood. Even though there is a...
DIY: How to Change Windshield Wipers
How to change windshield wipers: Today we’ll be working on the 2014 Kia Optima. What we’ll be doing is changing the windshield wiper, something very easy to do. It only takes a few steps and I’m going to go ahead and show it to you now. Especially on a gloomy day like today everyone needs to get some new windshield wipers. So what we’ll do is we’ll start with:

DIY: How...

DIY: How to Change Car Air Filter
How to change car air filter on your car! Welcome to Mobile Mechanic, today I’ll be showing you a video on the 2014 Kia Optima and basically we’re just going to be changing the air filter in quick, easy 5 steps, maybe even less than that.

How to Change Car Air Filter Tutorial

Step 1. Open the hood of your car Step 2. And the easiest way to...